OM Cycle

Preserve the planet's precious resources

The Ocean Material Group developed a recycling model for collecting, recycling, and repurposing marine plastic waste into valuable products.

Together with our partners, we create recycling infrastructure that addresses the problem of mismanaged waste on a large scale. By doing so, we help improve the environment and create new economic and social opportunities for local people in ocean-adjacent communities. This includes jobs in waste management and recycling, as well as reducing the negative impacts of waste on the ocean and the livelihoods of those who depend on it.

We believe that beyond having a compelling mission for our business to drive success, delivering value at competitive cost to our customers is what makes our business and our industry sustainable and impactful for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our system of values and services help you to be adaptive and flexible on your way to a sustainable supply chain.

Learn more about Ocean Material®, our products and initiatives
We deliver value at competitive cost and reinvest profits where it’s needed. It’s infrastructure for coastal collector communities
Visit our marketplace, select materials and order directly with us
Only transparent, trustworthy and certified suppliers become our partners giving you confidence at each stage. This is the OM guarantee
om cYcle
Easy navigation and filter functions allow you to find what suits your business needs and product purpose
Work together with our network partners: Consulting, sourcing, 3rd party testing, prototyping, 3D printing
Find high quality virgin plastic alternatives that can enable and inspire the design of your products
Ocean Material Group is your one stop service supply chain partner for your eco sourcing needs


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